by Rentokiller

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released March 31, 2015

All music & lyrics by Rentokiller
Drums recorded by Johan Reivén at Bombastik Drum Recordings
Guitars recorded with Tobias Walka of Walka Sights and Sounds
Mixed by Mikael Andersson at MRG Produktion
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Cover by Samot Nosslin at Bildfobi



all rights reserved


Rentokiller Borås, Sweden

Born 2000. Not dead yet.

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Track Name: Boars-Now-Barrows
Descending down this spiraling mountain of lives in line to end
Claw to the throne and return to your own
Whats left to find has run its course all blind

These boars now barrows

Ravaging, pillaging the only theft to skinless men
A callous mind for these prosthetic times
Comfort in faceless gore
A tasteless tastebud whore

Relenting to covenants of gastronomical pardon

You draw the life out of everything you lay your hands on
Track Name: Compass
Culturally left behind from a shadow of a smile
We awake from slumber for another relation to burn

For our history he is our story
For him we salute today (everyday)

A glimmer of smoke, blessed are those who dare to molt
We gather momentum and hope
All riddles and jokes

Stand and wave on the shore
A yawl and maroon to wash out all the stars
Track Name: Man Cave
Prolong the walk through souls hemorrhage
The ability of men won´t settle or ease the everyday
Oaks and burdens are in illustrious marriage to the grind

Please cut me to pieces and remodel me
I, Me and Mine
We will all die

All in to keep the wheels forging new paths to ejaculate
Sensation fleeting
"Please, bring one last angle. Maybe that one will differentiate"

Please cut me to pieces and remodel me
Passionately feed the sense of I, Me and Mine

I´ll hand every point if I could every single drop of life to lift you
But your vanity is yours to keep
I´ve tasted it all and now it´s bitter-sweet

My self burned and now I speak in tongues
Track Name: Sielun Kaamos
I´ve seen the futility of every act that we consider progress
While we hold the hand that needs solace we arm the other
Prophets and dead poets try to fight insanity to be labelled enemies
There are no secrets to unlock, no mysteries to solve anymore

Some might call this lack of light, I call it night
I am homeless, every house vacant
No feeding hands to hear my voice
I call this night, I am homeless

Dictates turns the blessings curses that mandates depleted men
Every time we call upon, we call on lives over time

Nothing is our own, I stand my ground
Track Name: Indoor Flight
You have chosen a name for incarceration as a way
to hide what wants to hide
Bear witness to function as it sanctifies destruction
A fastidious plague remembers none

Floor to ceiling, wall to wall
You call this living? You all this moving on?
The end of us all

You have kept me afraid, by kinship enslaved
to where my arteries will end
Renounce what is missing, every lapse is a blessing
Repetition is faith and repentance is wrong

Floor to ceiling, wall to wall
You call this living? You all this moving on?
The end of us all!
the Dead are living, entireties fall
You call us unforgiving?! Call it what you are:
The end of us all!
Track Name: Insurrection
Part-time slave shackled by wage
Overtake movement, there´s more to bend
Deafening howls, here comes the wolves
The pageantry turned black indeed

Pick your victor, you´ll always lose
No exemptions until the Reaper plays his tune
Don´t claim you earned your way
Capital. Ritual. The same to me

Slave on you worthless drone
Your unfortune serves a role
Slave on you hopeless soul
Your misfortune all you own

Insurrection! Rising!
Track Name: In Soon-To-Be Ruins
Right where I stand knee-deep in the grave
What your "progress" has been bleeding is now up to my waist

I find my home in soon-to-be ruins
The dust of your teeth mix with my bones
What are you doing?
What have you done?!

Fortify, none give way
Giant kneeling for crumbles
Now your live-stock is in a dead-lock and the pasture is red

I find myself at home in soon-to-be ruins
The heirs to destroyers of everything
Repent for nothing

Now every settlement is burial ground and all of their defenses became waste places and if home is where the heart is then let me wander disfigured forever

Dismantle the stables, set free the live ones
Make them swallow and shackle the Dead!

I´ve found my home in soon-to-be ruins
and all I want of this fucking world is one called my own
Track Name: Devout Servant Of A Tyrannical Ritual
Only words will not suffice
Flickering city lights melted with fireworks
Like moths in the distance on their final flight
Constant panic in a hetero state

I have lost my faith unto the gods that we deserve
I have lost all will, there´s nothing left to serve

Below the firmament we ask who´s to blame?
Bathe in warmth to keep the cold at bay
To revel in blood and flesh facing development in dread

Progress as the erotic fetisch
Losing what is known
I have lost my faith but I never would have on my own
Track Name: Animal
I have ferocious appetite
I swallow everything with my minds eye
Marrow and skin for my pulsating veins
Pale, contraction, cold and shame

I stand in line for immersion in empty promises
A feeble attempt to concentrate (Expropriate!)

Totally devoted to nothingness
I am a carniwhore
Law abiding prowler
All my actions sanctions every black hole filled with gravel

I set ablaze a modern mega-church
I dug a hole where blessings occurred
More of the same where riddles are heard
Tempted to say: we have all hell to pay
Track Name: Effort & Grace (2 inches too short)
Oh maybe someday in the courtyard of my eye
Shall I get a glimpse of daybreak cloth
I will enter the silent life and wash off my needs
Desires manumission, no more amanuensis

I pick up stones for every moment I waste
and I´ve got mountains to remove

When I provoke my inner ghost to step forth
Everything at ease, even calamities a bliss
The ground will be my leveler to carry on

Gravestones carry my memories
The end game is laughing at me
But i will find my specific harbor to anchor my peace
I might fail a thousand times
I might die another thousand times

My own mountain to remove